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    Twist of Fate 7th June 2020 Update

    In Twist of Fate seventh June 2020 Update, the scene begins with Pragya calling Purab and illuminating him about Abhi getting captured subsequent to beating corporator. She demands him to assist her with rescuing Abhi. Purab asks her not to stress and says he will get a legal advisor there now.

    Abhi's family is stressed over Abhi not arriving at home. Akash Abhi pursued the marriage capacity and his telephone isn't reachable. Aaliya returns home and yells at them for being wakeful till 12 PM. Tauji says Abhi has not arrived at home yet. She says he has gone out on some significant work and requests that they return to their rooms. Mithali thinks at whatever point something isn't right, Aaliya yells at them.

    Purab arrives at police headquarters and meets Pragya. His attorney comes and says he was unable to get bail as judge is dozing and didn't pick his call. He guarantees them to get bail by 11 a.m. what's more, asks Pragya to give her explanation that corporator incited Abhi to beat him. Pragya expresses gratitude toward Purab for his assistance. Purab says Abhi is his companion and it is his obligation. He asks Pragya to clarify Bulbul that it isn't her error, else she will think corporator did this as she didn't wed him.

    Pragya says she feels frustrated about him and Bulbul. Purab requests that her return home and rest as he will deal with everything. Sarla calls Pragya and gets some information about Abhi. Pragya says he is still in prison and says she will return home. Sarla requests that her return to her home.

    Pragya arrives at Abhi's home and sees Aaliya there. She reprimands her for not helping Abhi escape prison and says he generally was next to you and you are so narrow minded. Aaliya says it is a result of her that Abhi is in prison and says she grabbed her sibling from her. She had come to marriage lobby to see her destroyal, yet Abhi helped her with stay orders and rather got captured for beating corporator.

    Once Aaliya leaves, Mitali comes and asks Pragya not to blow up on Abhi for arriving behind schedule, and so forth. Pragya understands that Abhi's family doesn't think about his capture. She says she is drained and will got and rest. Mitali says she should rest now and asks her again not to blow up on Abhi.

    Abhi thinks back Pragya's words that she regards him after his assistance. He thinks she was simply acting and she just knows double-crossing, nothing else. Pragya on the opposite side thinks back time went through with Abhi. Mai teju samjhawaki… . melody plays out of sight. She take a gander at Abhi's things inwardly. She holds his cushion and dozes thinking back him.

    Tauji during breakfast inquires as to whether he got any report about Abhi. Akash says no. Tauji says just because he abandoned advising. Raj goes along with them for breakfast and asks Mitali to get news paper. She gets paper and sees news about Abhi being captured. She even distinguishes corporator and thinks back gathering him with her father. She calls father and inquires as to whether he read news. Father tells that corporator was helping him get his marriage corridor to develop shopping center, however Abhi came in the middle of and battled with him. He asks her not to tell her family about Abhi's capture.

    Raj comes and grabs paper from her. She considers halting him perusing the news and pours tea on it. Taji reproves her for being reckless. Tauji asks her not to admonish her. Taiji asks Mitali to toss paper in dustbin. Mitali gets loose and thinks if her family would have perused the news and thought about her father's arrangement, they would have murdered her and thinks to conceal paper day by day until Abhi is back home.

    Aaliya gets Tanu's call who reveals to her that Pragya got Abhi's legal advisor's number and has masterminded to rescue Abhi. Aaliya is stunned to hear that and asks who gave her legal advisor's number. Tanu says Purab more likely than not given it. Aaliya requests that her arrive at police headquarters and says before behanji/Pragya arrives at police headquarters with legal counselor, they need to reach there and change the circumstance in support of themselves.

    The scene proceed with Pragya helping individuals and afterward supplicating god to set Abhi free soon.

    Day obligation auditor arrives at police headquarters and sees columnists crowding outside. He gets some information about it. Constable says Abhi rockstar is in lockup. He asks not to joke. Constable requests that he check himself. Examiner gets energized hearing that and discharges Abhi from lockup. He says he is his huge fan and starts applauding him. He says his better half is a lot greater fan than him and says she watches his video every day. He calls and advises his better half who requests that he discharge Abhi first. He takes selfie with Abhi.

    Corporator asks his manikin auditor for what valid reason didn't he give third-degree torment to Abhi. He says Abhi's significant other cautioned that she will go to media and says now new investigator has taken incharge and Abhi will be discharged if Pragya gives explanation that you incited Abhi to battle with you.

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    Abhi's legal advisor says if Pragya gives proclamation that corporator incited him to hit him, he will be discharged. Tanu and Aaliya arrive at police headquarters and begin demonstrating counterfeit concern. Abhi requests that they stop their show. Pragya arrives at police headquarters. Reviewer requests that her give her announcement. PRagya says wrong articulation that corporator didn't incite Abhi to beat him. Abhi gets irritated hearing that and says she needs him to be in prison for some additional time. She says yes. He says Aliya was correct and I would not have helped your family. He says once he returns home, she will show her out from his life.

    Sarla slaps Pragya and inquires as to for what reason did she give bogus articulation and double-crossed Abhi. She says she didn't contact her since youth, yet she is embarrassed about her now.

    Aaliya indoctrinates Abhi by saying that Pragya is rendering retribution as she or her sister couldn't wed Purab, and so forth. She says she will get into prison and will discharge him. Abhi figures he will rebuff Pragya once he escapes prison.

    Pragya asks Sarla for what reason would she sell out her better half inquires as to whether she doesn't trust her little girl. She educates her concerning the occurrence where corporator requests that controller break abhi's hands and legs by means of his goons once Abhi is discharged and says she got him into prison and now will rescue him at any expense. She says she didn't what to do around then as she was extremely on edge and gave wrong articulation.

    Twist    of Fate seventh June 2020 Update finishes as Sarla says you spared him from this prob, however you should get him from prison too. Pragya says she will get him out of prison at any expense.

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