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    Age is Just a Number 7thJune 2020

    Age is Just a Number seventh June 2020 Update

    Age is Just a Number seventh June 2020 Update begins as Vaidika was concerned for Sahil and wraps over his injuries. Sahil awakens and demands that its her adoration for him that made her bring him home and care for him. Vaidika wasn't prepared to tune in to this, and says she would have brought any such one home and is just concerned. She advises Sahil to leave however he demands he won't.

    Gautham and Nani come inside saying they will push him out. Sahil gives them a gaze and goes to sit on the sofa. Nani asks about the swathe, at that point gripes to him about his family's conduct towards them. Nani sends Vaidika to bring tea for Gautham and herself leaves the room too.

    Gautham goes to confront Sahil and inquires as to whether he is still here, would he possibly leave whenever pushed outside? Sahil asks who is he to push him out. Gautham will before long need to get onto a trip for America as he could never let him get hitched to Vaidika. Gautham flaunts he would just load onto a trip in the wake of having hitched Vaidika. Sahil says it will possibly happen when the canines have quit yapping on streets. Vaidika brings the tea.

    Gautham says he asked Sahil to take his gear from here too, with the goal that they can lease the space to another person. Sahil says by rule he should be allowed a one month notice. Vaidika could detect the pressure among them and says they will talk about it later. Sahil chooses to get data about Gautham.

    At night, Karan discloses to Sahil that Gautham is a fruitful man. He has worked in worldwide organizations, his meetings are distributed and he talks in gatherings also. Sahil says Vaidika needn't bother with the bio-information; no one but he can keep her glad not that Gautham. He ridicules Gautham's prosperity and says he will make Vaidika state I love you to him on Valentine's Day.

    Vaidika was hesitant to offer Gautham's solicitation for valentine's supper. Gautham says she can go along with him as a companion as it were. Vaidika consents to seek some time. Aarya heard this discussion.

    Toward the beginning of the day, Aarya enlightens Sahil concerning the Valentine's arrangement of Vaidika. Sahil supports Aarya about dealing with everything and chooses to demolish Gautham's arrangement.

    Vaidika was sitting tight for Gautham at the café. Sahil shows up there with a card of I love you and presents her a bundle. He hauls a seat for her. Vaidika says she wanted a supper with Gautham and instructs him to hold up. Sahil draws out a ring, bows down and presents Vaidika with the ring. He inquires as to whether she can battle the world with him, he has succumbed to her; and without the dread of world about their age contrast he needs to claim her. On the off chance that she holds such boldness?

    Vaidika stood quietly at a corner. Gautham arrive at the eatery gravely harmed and inquires as to whether this is what he needed? He strolls towards Vaidika and says on the off chance that he expected to propose Vaidika before him and beat him along these lines? Sahil considers him a liar. Gautham inquires as to whether he isn't the one to pay off that server also. Sahil was quiet. Gautham asks Sahil for what reason he holds such animosity against him. Sahil asks when he beat Gautham.

    Gautham grumbles to Vaidika that he didn't need any battle yet Sahil constrained it. Sahil gets Gautham's neckline and punches his face once more. Vaidika keeps his hand down and acknowledges Gautham's wedding proposition. Gautham gives successful look to Vaidika.

    Sahil recalls that he paid off a server to secure Gautham in the lift. He attempts to disclose to Vaidika however Vaidika says he is presently her better half to be. Gautham reviews how he requested that the server beat him now and paid off him.

    Nidhi was hanging tight for Sahil when Karan comes to go with her. He interest Karan to disclose to her where Sahil had proceeded to think Bari Amma constrained her to design the valentine's supper with Sahil. She had made all the courses of action and approached Sahil for supper who consented to accompany her. Karan at long last enlightens her regarding the location of eatery Sahil had gone to.

    Sahil was crushed and strolled out and about crying. Vaidika caused Gautham to sit and addressed him. Nidhi comes to spare Sahil from being hit by a bicycle. She instructs him to come back to the individuals who cherishes him.

    Vaidika gets back crying and lay on the bed. She gets up toward the beginning of the day and comes out of the room. Sahil remained at the fundamental door and cautions Vaidika he would hurt himself on the off chance that she weds another person. He is leaving and backs up. Vaidika awakens from a bad dream where Sahil was moving ceaselessly from her. She asks why she is pondering Sahil and longed for him. She reviews about consenting to wed Gautham without taking Aarya into certainty. She asks why she is worried for Sahil and not Aarya.

    Sahil was crying in bed. Karan awakens him and attempts to perk up Sahil. Nidhi was additionally in the room. Karan educates him concerning an unexpected excursion plan. Sahil denies to go. Karan asks who is he, and where he lost their Sahil. Sahil was broken and cries on the bed side. Karan says he needs his insane, dolt, beloved companion Sahil back. He breaks into cry and embraces Sahil. Nidhi goes to get a glass of water. Karan and Sahil cry embracing one another.

    Vaidika comes out of the room. Nani was energized as she had consented to wed Gautham. Aarya went into the house and was stunned to hear her choice about marriage. Aarya whines to Vaidika on the off chance that she couldn't care less about her by any stretch of the imagination. Vaidika attempts to clarify however Aarya says Vaidika just ponders herself. She says nobody can assume her dad's position.

    Age is Just a Number seventh June 2020 Update finishes as Vaidika says he won't assume her dad's position. Aarya says she may give her better half's place to another person however not her father's… Vaidika slaps Aarya, at that point acknowledges and apologizes Aarya. Aarya discloses to Vaidika that in this house just a single individual will live, her significant other or her girl.

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