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    Twist Of Fate Friday 15 May 2020 Update

    Cousin dadi says in our examples, we used to flag ourselves with drums. Raj's little girl moreover goes along with him and the two of them mirror Abhi with his music. Daadi says Abhi's tunes are not conceivable, however people worship it. Pragya says she does not, at this point like his music and can not suffer them. Abhi requests that her sing at that point and forestall reprimanding. Tanu then says Pragya can sing best bhajans. Pragya asks Tanu to sing. Tanu sings Abhi's music, however nobody applauds her other than Abhi and Abhi says as a base she endeavored. Cousin daadi asks Pragya to sing like she moved magnificently. Pragya sings waqt bhi hairaan hai… melody. Anyone revel in her music. Abhi gets energized and applauds her without anyone else. Aaliya gets incensed and requests that he hinder. Abhi says he become just looking to help and inquires as to whether she needs to sing once more. Daadis state Pragya sang higher than Abhi and every individual applaud her irritating Tanu and Aaliya.

    Tanu says Aaliya that every one of her arrangements are falling flat and she is getting offended as another option. Aaliya says we can by implication affront Pragya now. She tosses things on ground, expels her ear adornments and requests that hireling clean it and look for her stud outside. Hireling goes out. Tanu asks whatis she doing. Aaliya says pause and watch. Purab's auntie hears her total discussion.

    Mamaji and his child talk about completing their providing food work. Tanu asks them where are workers as visitors are anticipating suppers, Abhi and Daadi have gotten rankled. They each going to look through worker. Mamaji's child proceeds to serve dinners to the guest. Aaliya begins reproving him refering as worker, yet apologizes reporting she thought he is a hireling. He says workers have been no longer to be had, so he began serving food and says it is alright.

    Daadi asks Pragya to convey Abhi and Purab. Pragya goes to call him. Aalilya stops and inquires as to whether she is feeling awful about her cousin serving food as a worker. Pragya says she will encounter glad rather if her cousin is lauded for getting ready exact suppers. Aaliya gets maddened tuning in to that.

    Purab's auntie asks Purab for what valid reason is he wedding Aaliya instead of Bulbul and says he and Bulbul are made for each extraordinary. Purab says he knows about and leaves from that point.

    Abhi attempts to taste liquor while Pragya stops her and says he can't drink as he guaranteed daadi. He says he may be in his detects. She says she will have the option to bring daadi. Abhi gets aggravated. Aaliya sees that and inquires as to for what reason is he looking strained. Abhi says he needs to issue PRagya, anyway she is alarming him. Aaliya demonstrates him to blend vodka in Pragya's squeezed orange and says let see her show at that point. Abhi blends vodka in Pragya's beverage and offers it to her. Abhi goes to Pragya and says he will no longer drink from now and could drik juice. She inquires as to whether he is alright and says he should have consolidated something in his juice. He requests that her endeavor herself and powers her. Sarla hears their report and asks Pragya to drink it.

    Aaliya is prepared to juice while Aaliya and Tanu sees that and smiles. Abhi believes Pragya's reality will come out at this point. Daadi prevents Pragya from expending and asks Abhi for what valid reason is he giving PRagya this juice. Sarla asks what is in it. Daadi says it's far a bundle juice and she does no longer love it. She says she will convey new squeeze for Pragya. Abhi says it's miles extremely healthy with supplements, and numerous others. Daadi requests that he drink at that point and take PRagya with her.

    Aaliya is irritated that each one her arrangements are coming up short. Tanu says till daadi is there, her arrangements received't work. Abhi gets bothered tuning in to that. Tanu says she did no longer suggest that and shows to compellingly take care of Pragya. Abhi requests that her do it without anyone's help. Aaliya says this arrangement will works of art and tells it in Abhi's ear. Tanu requests to advise her also. She says she will are know about it later. Abhi asks Raj's little girl and requests that her make Pragya drink this juice and he's going to blessing her choc for that. Adolescent inquires as to for what reason wouldn't he be able to give e it himself. He admonishes her and sends.

    Raj's little girl offering juice to Pragya and saying she needs to drink it as she does a great deal of artistic creations and nobody manage her. She powers Pragya to drink and asks choc. Pragya says she does not have anymore. Child says Abhi told he will gracefully choc in the event that you drink juice. Pragya questions Abhi and figures he more likely than not mixed something. Abhi and his manikins Tanu and Aaliya smile seeing that. Manikins see Pragya carrying on as a rule subsequent to ingesting vodka and asks Abhi for what valid reason is she looking common and on the off chance that he for positive mixed Vodka. He says sure. Abhi's mate meets him and requests that he acquaint his better half with him. Abhi agrees. Pragya begins getting affected by liquor and feeling sleepy.

    Pragya begins offevolved showing up oddly. Abhi acquaints his companion with PRagya, sees Vodka is running, and leaves. Mate and his significant other allude Pragya as bhabhi, anyway she hears it as bhaji and admonishes them. Pragya starts insulting Tanu and alludes her as chudail. Tanu hears that and inquires as to for what reason is she refering her chudail. Pragya says she should not detect horrendous as rockstar is called rockstar, clinical specialist as clinical specialist, and Tanu as chudail. She calls Abhi's amigo's companion as sister.

    Amigo asks Abhi for what reason is he offending him and his significant other by utilizing calling medical attendant. Aaliya faculties the chance and asks Pragya for what reason did she drink liquor. Pragya says she drank juice. Aaliya says Sarla her little girl drank liquor and spoilt her mehandi trademark.

    Daadi who hears the sum requests that her stop her and says she knows about who spoilt her mehandi work. She says Abhi she saw him blending liquor. He says he did now not. She says she is her grandmother and on the off chance that he wants her to demonstrate erroneous. Abhi acknowledges his error. Daadi says she will pardon him this time, in the event that he does it once more, he'll visit Ludhina. Abhi says he's going to send Aaliya as another option. Daadi apologizes Sarla for Abhi's misstep.

    Sarla inquires as to whether she is high-caliber. Pragya embraces her and says she isn't in every case fine and it should now not have occurred. Sarla says everything could be o.K.. She demands Daadi to send Pragya alongside her. Dadi says she and Abhi are there to deal with her. Bulbul says Pragya needs unwinding and even they should withdraw before it's dreadfully past due. She takes Sarla and her Daadi and leaves.

    Abhi holds Pragya and takes her. Sarla asks Daadi not to stress, she will leave in vehicle. Daadi says she is her samdhi and it's miles her obligation to cause her to accomplish home altogether. Purab comes there and Daadi solicits him to drop Sarla's hover from family members. Bulbul opposes, anyway her daadi says she needs to converse with him about Abhi. Purab takes them in his vehicle.

    Abhi and his manikins start chastening Pragya for offending them. Aaliya says we can drop her from gallery and execute her. Daadi and her cousins come there and cousins comic story why their appearances are so outrageous. Dadi says Abhi gave Pragya liquor. Cousin jokes at that point it's far a satire film. Daadi inquires as to whether she is alright.

    Pragya says she isn't in every case high-caliber and components at Tanu. She says her and Abhi's tory and says an individual needed to wed somebody, however she did no longer to wed, etc., and at last says fellow torments his life partner every day close by with his manikins. She asks Daadi to shop her from torment.

    Cousin inquires as to for what reason will she torment you. Pragya says because of the reality she is hitched. Daadi requests that her do not stress anymore. Pragya says three of them torment her heaps and specifically he. Cousin daadi asks her not to talk roughly her room inconveniences and requests that her proceed to rest. Daadi reprimands Abhi that it's miles all occurring as a result of him and requests that he take Pragya to their room. Pragya says she will have the option to rest alongside her. Abhi thinks in the event that she can rest along with her, she can show the entire thing. Abhi inquires as to whether she wants to play amusement with him. She says no. He says he'll peruse books for him. She says he doesn't analyze books. He says he will look at it for her. She concurs.

    Daadi says Abhi that Pragya is guiltless and in the event that she commits error, not to get aggravated on her. Abhi concurs. He is taking her to their room. Apne roothe… music acts in the legacy. Manikins Tanu and Aaliya get infuriated seeing them together.

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