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    Twist of Fate 19 May 2020 Update

    The scene begins with Purab entering marriage setting. Abhi sees Pragya wandering around with open pullover's back and thinks she is improperly strolling near and considers taking her from that point before anybody sees that. He goes to her and jokes about cockroach and requests that her accompany him. She concurs. He contacts her back, attempting to shroud her back.

    She inquires as to for what reason is he contacting her. He says he is securing her. She says his better half will blow up in the event that she sees us like this, Tanu watches them together. Daadi calls Pragya and goes to go to her.
    Twist of Fate 19 May 2020 Update
    Bulbul meeets her companion who get energized seeing her and ask where was she. She says she was occupied with marriage in Pragya's home. They state they think about her sweetheart and gives her last profile pic with Purab. Bulbul erases the pic and says they have separated at this point. Companion says Purab won't be cheerful by any means. She says Purab isn't care for different folks.

    Purbi show blue umberalla to Pragya, proming neele chatri ridge sequential. Pragya says it is decent and offers it to hireling. She sees Sarla and Daadi and inquires as to for what reason is she late. Purbi says Sarla was short of coming her as a result of the Puneet episode. Sarla says she didn't have mental fortitude to confront her family and inquires as to whether her family's conduct changed after that.

    Pragya says everything is typical and gets some information about Bulbul. Sarla says she went to her companion's birthday celebration. Pragya thinks Bulbul is enduring a direct result of her. Cousin daadi comes and takes everybody for the festoon function.

    Abhi sees Pragya pitiful and says he is glad seeing her dismal. Cousin daadi calls everybody for the service. Abhi asks Pragya to remain there and goes to go to service. Aaliya and Purab trade laurels while everybody applaud them. Abhi asks the thing is pursuing this. Daadi says phere and bidayi. He embraces Pragya and says after bidayi, even she should go out. Tanu says Aaliya after her bidayi, Pragya's bidayi will likewise occur.

    Purab doesn't discover Bulbul and gets some information about her. She says it is his marriage and should focus on it. He gets some information about Bulbul then who says she went to her companion's birthday celebration and says she is languid these days. His auntie sees him enquiring about Bulbul.

    Pragya understands her zip opened and conceals her back. Abhi sees her concealing her back towards the divider and says Daadi is looking through her. Pragya says her shirt is open. He says he was ensuring her, however she was chastening him. She demands him to accept her the room as a companion. He says he isn't her companion. She says as a human in any event. He requests that her solicitation with feeling and commendation her. Pragya acclaims her and demands once more.

    Abhi says she looks pretty saying truth and attempts to take her to the room, yet cousin daadi stops them and says daadi is calling them. He says he needs to go to the room. She jokes they need to invest energy togehter in room. Daadi comes there. Cousin dadi says they were for a wedding trip and says Purab is wedding, however they are being interesting. Daadi says she is entertaining and asks Pragya/Abhi to come and perform ceremonies. The two of them reach mantap and perform pooja. Panditji asks Abhi to advance his correct hand. He says he won't as he is concealing PRagya's back.

    Daadi says he works with left hand and to proceed pooja. Panditji performs pooja. Tanu sees them together and asks Aaliya when will behanji leave this house. Aaliya she will be kicked out tomorrow first thing and it is wedding present for Tanu. Purab hears their entire discussion. Tanu says trust she is correct. Aaliya guarantees again that Pragya will be kicked out toward the beginning of the day. Purab thinks back Bulbul mentioning him to wed Aaliya for the wellbeing of Pragya, at that point thinks back his auntie to reconsider about Bulbul, and so on. He calls Bulbul, however she cuts his call and thinks it is his marriage and she shold not pick his call.

    Abhi shields Pragya from individuals seeing her opened shirt and asks her not to stop regardless of whether tempest comes. Tanu sees them together and inquires as to why he is so near Pragya and for what reason is he ingoring her. Abhi clarifies about the circumstance and takes Pragya. He inquires as to for what reason didn't she wear sharlwar kameez as she looks revolting either. She says she would not have let him contact her if her shirt was not open. The two of them go up. Tanu takes a gander at them and starts rambling.

    Twist of Fate 19 May 2020 Update finishes as Cousin daadi sees her rambling and gets some information about. Tanu says a couple who consistently battles. Daadi says even she used to battle with her better half after her marriage, yet now they are indistinguishable, it will be a similar case with that couple. Tanu gets irritated hearing that.

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