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    Cristiano Ronaldo says what he feels about Messi

    Cristiano Ronaldo said he truly appreciates Lionel Messi's vocation and the manner in which he has pushed him to improve his own game.

    Ronaldo and Messi are generally viewed as two of the best footballers of an age, and have won 11 Ballon d'Or grants between them.

    At the pinnacle of their contention the team were playing at Real Madrid and Barcelona separately, where the two of them won La Liga titles and Champions League trophies.

    Ronaldo and Messi have stood up on one another now and again, and conceded that while they are rivals they have a profound regard for what different has accomplished.

    Ronaldo recently revealed to RMC Sport: "I truly respect the profession he has had up until this point. He has just said that he experienced difficulty when I left the Spanish association since it is a competition that he increases in value.

    "It is a decent competition that exists in football, yet this is no special case. Michael Jordan had matches in ball, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost were incredible adversaries in Formula One.

    "The main basic point between all the large competitions in the game is that they are solid."

    As previously mentioned, Messi has likewise recently stood up on Ronaldo.

    After the Portuguese left Real Madrid for Juventus, he stated: "It was ideal to play against Cristiano, he made Madrid a more grounded side. I said toward the start of the period that Madrid would miss him, as any group would.

    "It made a ton of Madrid fans somewhat furious however that is the truth. Any group would miss him. He scores 50 objectives a season and he was the key player for them, obviously they were going to miss that."

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