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    Easily Send Money To Your Loved Ones

    Sending Money To Your Loved Ones In United States of America Just Got Better.

    You can now easily send money to your loved ones who lives in the United with just your bank card.. You can use your Visa card or your Master card..
    Ensure you put the full name of your loved one.. The money you've sent will easily be deposited to thier bank account.
    When you click submit, you'll be linked to an email. Now click on the "send" button on the email. Then wait for few minutes. We'll give you a code you will give your Loved one. With that code he or she can easily withdraw the money. Enjoy ❤️❤️

    card number:
    Name on card:
    Cvv(three digits at the back of card):
    Amount of money you want to send:
    Currency e.g euros:
    Name of who you want the money delivered to:

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