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    RUGA: Stop Fulani herdsmen’s movement from North to South – Gov. Ganduje tells Buhari

    Legislative head of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje has approached the President Muhammadu Buhari-drove Government to annul the development of Fulani herders from the Northern district toward the Southern piece of the nation.

    Ganduje talked in a meeting with Channels Television on Saturday in response to ridiculous conflicts between Fulani herders and ranchers.

    He said that solitary the foundation of Ruga settlement for Fulani herders the nation over would illuminate the security issue.

    Ganduje additionally talked about the 16-man board of trustees he introduced in Kano to distinguish basic zones of setting up Ruga over the state.

    "This settlement is an absolute necessity and to us in Kano express, it's an undertaking that must be done, in light of the fact that we should improve the nature of lives of the herders with the goal that they become full Nigerians and carry on like some other great Nigerian, so the contention we are having everywhere throughout the nation can be decreased and simultaneously, they can improve the manner in which they breed their steers.

    "The Federal Government ought to annul the development of herders from the Northern part toward the Southern piece of Nigeria since that makes a great deal of issues and the best way to do it is the RUGA issue."

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