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    Igbos and Yorubas have verifiable ties – Ooni of Ife

    The Ooni of Ife, Enitan Ogunwusi, who talked a weekend ago at his Ile-Oodua royal residence in Ile-Ife while getting the Lagos State leader of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Solomon Ogbonna, who had as a part went with the designation of African Farmers And Cultural Organization on a cordiality visit to the royal residence, expressed that the Igbos and the Yorubas have chronicled ties.

    As indicated by the Ooni of Ife, the recorded ties between the Igbos and Yorubas makes them indivisible individuals from a similar family. He said at the gathering;

    "I am so glad to have the President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State President here as a major aspect of this strengthening activity. Lagos is a piece of Yoruba land, we are every one of the one, we are all the equivalent. The history is there, the certainties are there, and we should really put this actualities out. For what reason would we say we are battling?"

    "This is your root. I said it as of late, a portion of our Yoruba family with obliviousness of our history turned out with trifling beratement of my situation on the family ties among Yoruba and Igbo individuals. We need to state reality and reality must set every one of us free, we are kindred spirits. We ought to be indivisible. It would be ideal if you feel comfortable in Yorubaland and regard your Yoruba siblings and sisters as well."

    "Regardless we have House of Igbo directly in this royal residence till date. We call it Ile Igbo up till now. Our progenitors are covered and transfigured there. That is the place kolanut was first found and sustained. The Igbos are as yet the greatest buyers and clients of kolanut which is just planted in Yorubaland till date. Could the Igbos manage without kolanut? "

    "The old Igbo house is a standout amongst the most hallowed places in this royal residence till date. One of my sibling rulers – Aka Arogundabi from Iremo quarters saw the secrets of place of Igbo (Aka-ri-Igbo). Till date, Akarigbo of Remoland still observes place of Igbo as a typical legacy of his progenitors," the Ooni clarified.

    He likewise kept up that he is a resurrected soul of his precursors, soliciting Olugbo from Ugbo in Ondo State, Fredrick Obateru, to visit the Ile Oodua in Ile-Ife for verifications and confirmations on the Igbo/Yoruba ties and furthermore different clans of Igbo ancestory in Ife.

    "We have a great deal of revelations that the Igbo and Yoruba individuals once lived respectively as one family and this will be uncovered to people in general. We should take a gander at things that interface us together not those that different us.

    "I am a resurrected soul of our predecessors, my name is Enitan which implies an offspring of stories and secrets. I had resulted in these present circumstances world previously. That is the reason I am Babatunde additionally and I am back again to build up reality and only reality and reality will set every one of us free."

    "We are all the equivalent. We have around 4 set of sub ethnic Igbos in Yoruba land when we were all together like we have sub ethnic tribe in Yoruba race. We have the Egbas, Ijebus, Ekiti, Oyo, Ondo, Itshekiris. They are altogether Yorubas however toward the day's end they have a place with the Aku Aaro Oojiire (Omoluwabi ethnic family).

    "The Ifa corpus that brought our predecessors from Heaven were and still are Ogbe Meji, Ogbe Ofun and Ofun Meji. While Oduduwa group had Ogbe meji, the Oranfe (Sango) and Obatala families had Ogbe Ofun and Ofun Meji individually. Our ages from there on progressed toward becoming interwoven with various jobs and responsibilites straightforwardly from the Almighty God who sent the majority of the siblings to the world. The actualities are there, so it will take the profound endeavors to truth discover every one of these certainties and associate every one of the specks together".

    "Along these lines, individuals that don't have a clue about the story, I'm not endeavoring to thrown fault on anyone but rather on the off chance that they don't realize they ought to inquire. They state one Igbo is unique in relation to the next, it is genuine we have around 4 classifications of Igbos we have Igbo Ile, Igbo Oko the Iwinrin sub ethnic group and Ado na Udu. All make up to the bound together Igbo group."

    "There were distinctive factions of Igbos that left from Ife to set up their kingdoms. One of them revolted back and began coming to cause pandemonium in Ife (where they initially originated from) and that is the Olugbo kingdom. We should all met up and overlook what occurred before".

    "I referenced that the Igbos began the soul of productivity, Aje, in Ife at Igbomekun showcase (known as Oja Ife as well). I beg you to tell the whole Ndigbo that you didn't originate from Jew, the Jews originated from you and that is reality.

    "Give all of us a chance to accommodate contrasts and take a gander at things that associate us instead of things that separate us," the Ooni included.

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