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    I was conceived out of rape – Helen Paul uncovers

    Famous Comedienne, Helen Paul says she was a result of assault.

    The comedienne revealed this on Friday on her Instagram page while committing her ongoing doctorate certificate from UNILAG to her mom.

    The post read:"I HELEN PAUL devote this to my mum, you brought forth me out of assault, they disclosed to you I wouldn't add up to anything

    "I grew up got notification from relatives; being known as a "Knave" and each time I asked you, you said 'Olorun lon wo omo were, Olorun mama wo e' (which means God looks out for the offspring of a distraught individual, he'd watch over you).

    "Mummy I need you to realize I cherish you, I probably won't get you Benz now since I don't have a 'Gasp' yet this authentication will add up to something incredible.

    "They state Fame is only Grace is everything and I appeal to God for effortlessness in all that I do.

    "I'm not a Cele part but rather Late Oshofa gave me the name and everything Late Oshofa said about Helen Paul is happening.

    "I commit this to each mother, may God make you sufficiently able to endure and appreciate the your reward for all the hard work."

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