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    Ex-Barcelona president discloses why Barcelona won't sign Griezmann once more

    Previous Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, has asserted Antoine Griezmann would never again be invited at the club, since he "played amusements" on the exchange front.

    A year ago, it showed up Griezmann was ready to move to the Nou Camp.

    The France winger at that point made a sensational u-turn, airing his goal to stay with Atletico Madrid amid a notorious video uncover.

    Talk of Barca holding an enthusiasm for the 28-year-old has thundered on starting there, with another methodology mooted for 2019, however Laporta trusts a faithful fan base have proceeded onward.

    "They will choose what they believe is ideal, however I imagine that the vast majority of the fans don't need him.

    "This is for the most part a result of the cost being cited, I believe it's swelled, there are different players with extraordinary potential who can play Griezmann's position.

    "Individuals need to need to come to Barcelona, he's an extraordinary player yet he had the open door a year ago and didn't exploit it, he played recreations with Barcelona," Laporta said at the World Soccer Congress.

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