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    Summary of the Jamb Novel "Sweet Sixteen" by Bolaji Abdullai

    Synopsis of the Jamb Novel "Sweet Sixteen" by Bolaji Abdullai

    A rundown shapes the data you have accumulated from a book such that you can without much of a stretch comprehend and review. What I typically do in the wake of perusing any novel is to draft a synopsis of the novel. With the synopsis, I don't need to proceed to peruse the novel from the earliest starting point once more, something that may be unpleasant and tedious. At whatever point I experience the rundown, all the data in the novel will quickly turn out to be new in my psyche. The outline of Jamb 2019 novel "Sweet Sixteen" is now out. Peruse underneath for the rundown

    Sweet Sixteen is a fascinating novel composed by Bolaji Abdullai and it is the official novel for the JAMB UTME Use of English test. English is a mandatory subject, each Jamb applicant must compose, so there is no departure course for the novel. You should peruse it, think about it and ace the job of each character in the novel just as knowing a few citations from the novel by heart.

    Essential Information from the Novel Sweet Sixteen

    Creator of Sweet 16: Bolaji Abdullai

    Classification: The Genre of Sweet Sixteen is Fiction

    Number of Pages: Pages is Sweet Sixteen: 157

    Distribution Year: Sweet sixteen was distributed on February 1, 2017

    Outline of the Novel, Sweet Sixteen for Jamb 2019 UTME

    Portrayal of the novel

    Aliya needs to continually remind her dad that she isn't a tyke however 'a youthful grown-up.' He doesn't generally concur with her.

    However at this point she is turning sixteen, he is sitting up and paying heed. The normal birthday card from him is supplanted by a present and down to business letter – a page for every year she has lived.

    It narratives the exercises he has endeavored to instruct her and the shrewdness he has endeavored to go to her. It unburdens the consuming inquiries she has about existence and some of the time appears through the lack of regard of parental units.

    Aliya questions her identity and why she is; with her dad as a guide on this voyage of revelation.

    Brief Summary Of JAMB Novel Sweet Sixteen

    In an approach to place pen into composing and exhibiting the significant subject in the book, the writer catches Aliya Bello a high school young lady who is interested however loaded up with interest just as exceptionally curious particularly to the substances of life.

    Aliya has a mindful, adoring and minding father Bello. Mr. Bello as a writer assumes a vital job in the portrayal of the book as the is viewed as one who is continually clearing a path for the hero.

    Mr. Bello, as found in the book depicts himself as a cherishing and a decent dad ensured that her little girl was legitimately instructed and educated and he handles indispensable piece of that training which is s**x instruction.

    Full Summary of Jamb Novel "Sweet Sixteen" by Bolaji Abdullahi

    Recorded as a hard copy Sweet Sixteen, BolajiAbdullahi, a previous Nigerian Minister of Youths and Sports, among different past employments, must have basically gauged the above positions before taking on a buffet of youthful grown-up themes that went from harassing, dating, generalization, morals and s3x instruction, among others.

    In pushing out his topics, the creator finds a decent partner in Aliya Bello, an adolescent with an inquisitive, intriguing and curious personality and a gave just as a capable dad.

    Mr Bello, of course of any great dad, assumed liability for the training of his girl, including the dubious yet critical part of s3x instruction.

    Aliya is, along these lines, lucky to have a dad who does not disregard her to battle with the evil presences that generally torment young people when inundated with a surge of hormones and the draw of companion weight.

    The outcome is a convincing story, stacked with profound quality and finished with rich melodious exposition and youthful grown-up language… story-story, my bestie, OMG among others.

    The storyline has an upper-white collar class enhance with lush dinners, restful Saturday drives and a Mrs Bello, the medical caretaker, frequently far off from dad and little girl.

    Be that as it may, in the hinterland among reality and fiction, the creator can deftly filter the basic beliefs from the feeling, the treat from the trap and for this, guardians and gatekeepers will perpetually be thankful.

    The book is significantly separated into seven segments and every one of this area has a nexus interfacing each together and there is a stream of thoughts starting with one segment then onto the next.

    The segments investigated in this book include:

    The Letter

    The Drive


    The Gandhi Test


    Generalization and Beauty

    From the whole book and the sweet sixteen outline, we have seen a type of arrangement of discussion including both Mr. Bello, the Journalist and overwhelming and gifted multi year old little girl who is exceptionally brilliant and astute and their discussion hovers around the actualities and the substances of life.

    Despite the fact that Aliya is sixteen, however she puts her dad into hairy and off by making inquiries past his creative energies even as a writer father attempts to handle a portion of these inquiries.

    Various inquiries which the Young minor asked bits her father's creative ability and we have seen different inquiries like ''Okay Daddy, what does HAK and KOTL mean?,'' while she approached her dad for the reaction, Aliya inquired. Furthermore, when the dad says or communicated his numbness of the said abbreviations, Aliya thoroughly provided them she will react like

    ''HAK signifies 'Much love while KOTL signifies 'Kiss On The Lips'. Furthermore, when she included that a few understudies were gotten on the school's ball court during the evening having '53X' (s3x), Mr. Bello, the Journalist father nearly blacked out.

    ''Be that as it may, how would you know all these?, '' he asked with profound projection to what the young lady should advise her, and Aliya answered: ''Come on Daddy, everyone knows these things."

    From the book and in endeavors to give a nitty gritty investigation of Bolaji Abdullahi Sweet Sixteen outline, the writer has composed expressively and incompetently on contemporary issues that effect and annoys life, for example, legislative issues and issues encompassing arrangement improvement and he gives an unabsorbing truth on issues influencing high school life and the dinky realities which encompasses youthful juvenile.

    It is on Aliya's part to be fortunate to have a buddy who saves her from the past of conditions encompassing teenagers particularly as they blended with others and there is substantial weight from their friends. With her dad, the young lady can overcome and battle the evil presence.

    From this Jamb Sweet Sixteen Summary we have seen a cautiously composed anecdotal content set up by the writer with recognized complex parts to address certainties spinning on ethical quality however story, the book is made in a dynamic extravagance in melodious and dialect for a youthful immature.

    It is additionally qualified to takes note of that the essayist utilizes his selection of words to suits the present century of a youngster's the place words like story-story, my bestie, OMG are being utilized.

    The selection of words depicted and as found in the book is basic and straight forward and the writer utilizes in all respects helpfully and commonplace words to youngsters which the focal message (topic) is associated with.

    The creator has exhibited that high school ability and young ferocity and investigating frame of mind, peer impact can be controlled by even guardians.

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