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    Don Jazzy gave me my life back after ubi Franklin betrayed me. --- Iyanya reveals

    Nigerian Singer, Iyanya talked with Bolanle Olukanni, host of the Juice on Ndani TV few days back and he uncovered a considerable amount about his music vocation, how he was deceived by his accomplice, what drove him into leaving Triple MG and how Don Jazzy gave him his life back.

    Talking about the secret behind his takeoff from Triple MG, Iyanya said ;

    "What individuals don't know is, I didn't sell my offer. Individuals see me and state goodness. for what reason did you sell your offer? I didn't sell my offers, I left Made Men at the time in light of the fact that there was so much haziness. Amidst every one of the wings, I chose to release that. "

    Talking about how Don Jazzy helped him amid those troublesome occasions of his, Iyanya uncovered, ;

    "Mavin was … yell out to Jazzy… Jazzy gave me that stage to put music out in light of the fact that I left Made Men and I didn't need anything from Made Men, so Jazzy just said look, man, you've fabricated something throughout the years and starting from the very beginning won't be as simple as you think, so simply put out music from here and take a shot at something."

    He further included that it was the principle reason individuals thought he marked with Mavin. He uncovered he didn't sign yet it was a greater amount of adoration appeared to him by Don Jazzy and that it was amid that period that Temple Music came calling.

    "So individuals truly thought I marked to Mavin yet it wasn't care for a legitimate marking, it was simply love. And afterward Temple Music came, when Temple music came, I adore the vision, I cherish the fantasy and I resembled Okay, let me attempt this, and that was the point at which I discharged "Planning some mischief," "Hang On," I mean,"Good Vibes." And from that point forward, it was the ideal opportunity for me to move, since I had an inclination that I came to the heart of the matter where I need to put out my own thing, have my own family, have my own group, me and Alex… "

    Iyanya proceeded to uncover he was sold out by his colleague, Ubi, who he thought he co-claimed Made Men Music Group with. He stated,

    "When I said it was obscurity, I was not myself any longer since I felt like there was no trust any longer. Since at the time I was singing I co-possessed Made Men with Ubi however I later understood that my name was not in any of the structures I marked… and I was broken… and that was the start of me trying to say to hellfire with all the fixings."

    That was recuperating for me, that was the best time of entire circumstance I was in, that was the best minute in light of the fact that Jazzy simply opened his family and said look, you're one of us and everyone just demonstrated to me that adoration coz it originated from Jazzy. So from Jazzy to Tiwa, to Baby Fresh to everyone, it was simply love and that truly gave me life on the grounds that, frankly with you, I was broken. Like I was broken!"

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