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    Pastor says he went to hellfire and murdered satan

    Pastor says  he went to hellfire and murdered satan.

    Minister MBORO asserted on his Facebook page that he went to hellfire and murdered satan.

    On a post that was later erased when individuals begun making inquiries, the minister claims God sent him to hellfire to dispose of world's main adversary.

    He expressed "when I got to damnation there was a line of a huge number of individuals holding on to be braai'd by Satan. I even observed some conspicuous South African legislators. I was so stunned in light of the fact that they lived like heavenly attendants here on earth. I thought they went to paradise. At the point when Satan saw me he terrified and guided his military to slaughter me. Like Samson in the Bible, I crushed them. Satan was my last unfortunate casualty"

    His got a moria of abuse and judgment from individuals who instructed him to quit deceiving individuals. The post went down following 60 minutes. It isn't certain whether he will post it again or not. His cases comes a long time after another similarly dubious minister asserted he went to paradise and took pictures with Jesus.

    At the time, the minister asserted that the restrictive photographs would just be discharged to choose couple of individuals after obviously a charge.

    He later discharged photoshopped pictures to demonstrate.

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