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    I'm Not Wicked But Very Soft-Hearted And I Cry Easily — Actress Patience Ozokwor Opens Up

    I'm Not Wicked But Very Soft-Hearted And I Cry Easily — Actress Patience Ozokwor Opens Up

    Veteran on-screen character, Patience Ozokwor, otherwise known as Mama G, is unarguably a standout amongst other that the cinema has found as of late.

    She talks with Punch about her profession, marriage and different issues.


    Do you now and then lament acting 'devilish' jobs in motion pictures?

    Any performing artist deserving at least some respect ought to have the capacity to convey on whatever job the individual is given to play. For individuals to be so influenced by the jobs I have played implies that I worked superbly in translating the characters I was given.

    Be that as it may, I wouldn't prefer to pass wrong messages to anybody through my motion pictures.

    Don't you feel stereotyped on occasion?

    In the event that you think about my profession, you will understand that I have assumed a great deal of jobs throughout the years. Be that as it may, the ones where I go about as a strict or vocal individual are the ones that have been progressively well known. I surmise that is the thing that individuals like.

    Nonetheless, I generally endeavor to strike a parity and I don't act only one kind of job.

    A few people feel you can go about as an underhanded relative so well since you are one, all things considered. Is that truly so?

    Nothing can be more distant from reality. I am a basic individual who doesn't care to meddle in other individuals' lives.

    Some of the time, I cry when I observe a portion of the motion pictures I acted in. I am not at all like that and you can never observe me where devilish acts are being propagated. On the off chance that anyone near me accomplishes something incorrectly, I won't shield the individual. Like I have said a few times, I am a performing artist and each character I have ever played finished on the set.

    You got hitched at a youthful age. In what ways did that encounter affect on your development as an individual?

    I accept immovably that everything that happens to an individual is appointed by God. You may not comprehend for what reason you're experiencing sure circumstances but rather as you develop more established, you will perceive the hand of God in your life.

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