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    I will wait on God's time. Before getting married again. To avoid ending up with the wrong partner----- Ngozi Nwosu Declares

    Ngozi Nwosu in an ongoing meeting said she is looking out for God's time before she gets hitched once more, to abstain from committing another error. She likewise pointed the finger at Nigerian guardians for increment in marriage crash. The veteran performing artist exhorted Nigerian guardians to quit putting weight on their children with regards to motivating wedded to decrease the high rate of separation in the country.

    As indicated by her, such weight may finish up influencing the children to pick the wrong accomplice and after that in the end having them part when things don't work out. Refering to her fizzled marriage for instance, the 55-year-old wonderful performing artist in a restrictive meeting with Plus TV Africa, said "No Parent should put weight on their children to wed, it is smarter to be late than to wed early and pick off-base. That was a piece of the end result for me, I was feeling the squeeze to wed and things in the long run didn't turn out right"

    The performing artist who concedes being single and scanning for the correct man additionally said "when you hurry to do things since you are maturing or in light of the fact that your mates are doing it, it may be your fate so simply carry on with your life and hold up till it is the ideal time. I am looking out for God's time before I get hitched once more, to abstain from committing another error"

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    1. see you de there de wait until you go just die you think you are still young