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    Not having sex can make you lose your job

    Just Today. A medical Sex Therapist and Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Tomi Imarah, says not having sex regularly and adequately can get one fired from his or her place of work. The Doctor runs an online health counseling service. According to her, sex is part of a balanced diet, reflecting how essential it is to overall health and well being.

    With regards to the impact of sex on job performance, I will talk more about sex in marriage. Alot of unfulfilled expectations unmet can cause frustrations and resentment, causing you to be easily distracted. The Doctor further said "Sex boosts endorphins and certain hormones needed for reproduction. When you get enough sex you'll be Happy to go to work, but opposite will be the case when you dont have adequate sex.

    Non frequent sex can easily lead to  frustration, which will make you cause silly mistakes at your work place. She further revealed that, from her discussions with some males when they have adequate sex, they feel happy and very much healthier which will lead them to achieve more not only at thier work place but also at other places. Good sex releases a hormone that will always make you feel happy and agile.

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