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    Man who exposed 50naira WeChat to get 5gb begs MTN for job. Says his reason for exposing was because his friend got 30gb and it didn't work for him atall. (Screenshots)

    Recently. It was discovered that whenever an mtn user subscribes for WeChat weekly, which costs 50naira. He'll be given 5gb. At first. People thought it was a promo, but the promo never worked for all subscribers. Alot of people got enough gigabyte with that.

    Those who found out it worked for them, multiplied the subscription to the extent some people got up to 45gb.. Well yesterday morning, someone identified as Ali. Came on Twitter and announced then announced it.

     According to him he said he was not given 5gb, but his friend got, and not only that. He's friend has multiplied the subscription and he now has 30gb. He tagged MTN to the post. Then told them to ban it. Well MTN replied him. He also used that opportunity to beg MTN for a job.

    See Screenshot below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

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