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    Dangote says he might lose interest in Buying Arsenal, Says he might buy another club.

    Richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote , has disclosed that he will consider buying another football club if Arsenal Fc won't be sold to him.

     It have been years that he wanted to buy the club. Sources says that Aliko Dangote is a very big and loyal fan to arsenal football club. Dangote also said; he'll start his plans once he has completed the world's biggest oil refineries which is located at Lagos. Somewhere in the Western part of Nigeria. "By the time we’ve finished, we’ll be a $30bn company in terms of revenue,

    We’ll have an excess amount of cash to start playing around with.”
    “I’m very attached to Arsenal but if he won’t sell, I might have to change to another football club".
    Dangote revealed this in an interview with Boomerang TV in Singapore. We all wish him and we pray for the best for him.

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